Covid-19 Procedures

We will be adhering to all CDC and State mandated procedures to ensure the best safety protocol that we can provide to our guests and staff. We feel that these procedures will allow guests to enjoy their visit while still helping to keep everyone as safe as possible. As we prepare to re-open, our 4 acres of property will allow plenty of space for guests to find their quiet spot to sit, relax, and unwind.

During this time we are asking the following of our guests:

  1. Wear face masks or covering while in public indoor areas of the B&B.  (Until the state lifts this requirement.)
  2. We recommend that you wash your hands when returning to your rooms after being in a public area of the B&B.

What we will be doing to ensure a safe, clean environment for guests and staff:

  1. Staff will wear face masks when interacting with guests and each other.
  2. Staff will not be allowed to work if they are feeling sick or have shown any symptom of illness.
  3. Staff will disinfect door knobs on a regular basis.
  4. You may request “A No Contact” Check in. Phone us when you are 30 minutes away, and we will set up your “Self Check-In Packet” at the front desk.
  5. You may also request that no cleaning staff enter your room during your stay.  You will simply place your dirty towels outside of your door, and our staff will replace them without entering room.
  6. We will be using all disposable food service items for the time being.
  7. Guests in the guesthouse will still have breakfast baskets delivered to their door.  Guests in the main house will have a breakfast tray delivered to a specified table for breakfast.  (All tables will be distanced 6 feet apart.)
  8. Hand sanitizer will be available for guests, and anti-bacterial soap in guestrooms.
  9. Additional disinfectants will be used during our regular cleaning process, with extra attention made to door handles, light switches, TV remotes, etc.
  10. Additional disinfectants will be used during laundry service.  Extra, unnecessary linens will be removed from guestrooms, such as decorative pillows and throws.

Modifications to these procedures may be made as necessary.